Re: [CODE]Autoeasy/Autohard Commands

From: Blaize (
Date: 09/11/00

Sandy Willey wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering how to code Autoeasy/Autohard commands into medit so
when a builder is working on a mob all he has to do is put in the level and
type in autoeasy or autohard while hes working on the mobile, and it will
finish the mob.  according to those standards.

I wouldn't do will stifle the creativity and work that goes into
the mobiles, and you will end up with a bunch of clone mobs running around.
A player will know exactly what level of mobile he can fight, which will
lead to mass insanity...
Only do this is you are trying to make a mud where the players just run
around killing stuff without reading...
*New Zone Opens*
Player walks in, identifies mob, looks at level, oops, that mob was level
12, and its identical to the other level twelves he fought and lost against.
Player walks away.
Another player identifies the mob, sees that it is 12th level, a level that
he can take, and spams his skills on it.

*Another thought from Blaize, Master of Disaster*

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