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From: Del (
Date: 09/19/00

Kras Kresh wrote:
> >What is it set to when they connect to the mud?
> >
> >
> When you connect to the mud you start out at 3001 the  mortal start room
> is it caused by some weird reason the mud cant detect the immort start room?

I was figuring it was something that is not being loaded.

What is the exact code that set's the start room when a player
joins/logs in??

Show me your's, here is mine :)

(under con_menu)

    case '1':

      if (PLR_FLAGGED(d->character, PLR_INVSTART))
        GET_INVIS_LEV(d->character) = GET_LEVEL(d->character);

       * We have to place the character in a room before equipping them
       * or equip_char() will gripe about the person in NOWHERE.
      if ((load_room = GET_LOADROOM(d->character)) != NOWHERE)
        load_room = real_room(load_room);

      /* If char was saved with NOWHERE, or real_room above failed... */
      if (load_room == NOWHERE) {
        if (GET_LEVEL(d->character) >= LVL_IMMORT)
          load_room = r_immort_start_room;
          load_room = r_mortal_start_room;

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