[AD] Team Enviroment! Coders/Builders!

From: Bill Zaparanuik (webremedies@home.com)
Date: 09/25/00

Brief Overview of what's trying to be completed:

   * 1 - team enviroment, detailing indivial characteristics pertaining
     to skill level, and talent, not to mention ranking, and overall
     placement in the world.
   * 2 - enriched medieval fantasy theme, and abiders to the rules and
     regulations of building/coding upon such a world.
   * 3 - improvement based on personal ideas/opinions aswell as from the
     responce of the public, and role playing community.
   * 4 - sense of belonging, pertaining to specials such as clan land,
     clan/and or town shops, set-up/created maintained to which they
     belong.  Constant quests, and the upper hand when it comes to
   * 5 - medieval fantasy, creation, originality, and a world on it's

Based on CIRCLEMUD 3.0 bpl17, Spheria, is prodominantly new to the
CircleMUD community, but created with the intention of growing, and
staying that way, not as a project to be worked upon, then discarded and
or not maintained later down the road.

Approximately 15 - recent code changes have been made, including
character statistic menu selection, additional race/class selection,
mountable code, auction awareness, ascii graphics, dg-scripts 7a
release, easy to follow flag design that is soon to be revamped for more
ease, implementation of 3d related score display, additional wear slots,
multiple attacks, including many auto * - dialogs.  and much much more,

Currently Needed! :

Programmers (C knowledge required)
-> I currently work about 45-60 hours a week varying, and find little
time through-out the week to work on this project, weekends however is a
different story.

Fact of the matter is I need coders, experienced, well knowledgable,
hrmm. people. =]  Willing to work on thier own personal tasks in ways of
improving the world, but also willing to hear the suggestions and
constructive critiscm of both the role playing community, and other
Positions Currently Available pertaining to Coding:

Coding Administrator (2)
The Coding Team (3)

In total 5, please email: webremedies@home.com if interested.

Building Positions Available:

Knowledge of OasisOLC required, DG-Scripts implemented but a know-how of
the such is not necessary.

Building Administrator (3)
Builders (15)

A total of 18 building slots are open!
 * As of now, the world of Spheria is prodominantly stock circle.
This is intended to be changed, all those that contribute will be
rewarded in the long run.
* Aswell no material run on other muds, and or saved to ones computer in
the format of *.zons', etc etc, will be used.  As the material contained
here-in is to be Original.

Well that's basically it,
we're running on a fast server at the moment, with immense hdd capacity,
and great bandwidth.

The Spherian Web Site -> Is currently down and will be until early
January as a major revamping, including Flash Introductions, Sound, and
Interactive Meieval Based capabilities are implemented.

Happy Mudding! Hope to hear from ya!
Bill Zaparanuik 'Surgeon'



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