Re: level variables (Re: Caniffe)

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/22/00

Included message:

I've trained you well jedi knight.

*laugh* - how goes your world? :)

Julian "Caniffe" Buckley

Hehehehe, I didn't even know you were still alive:P
I gave up (temporarily) on Randor, but found a cool
little world named Euridia with a great vision that
seems to be headed for the stars :-)
Getting ready to release a wonderful module that will
be my first totally original idea.
You're still DA MAN in my book <evil laugh>

p.s. Contact me at <> where we
can catch up without bugging the other folks on
this list <EG>, I wanna let you in on this before I
release it, you'll be proud, Master :P

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