adding values to the player struct with ASCII pfiles

From: Snaga (
Date: 11/02/00

I'm trying to add ten new stats to my game to correspond to rolemaster.
I thought i added everything in the appropriate places, but i cannot
get anything to show up in my pfiles.  I wrote a test function that
modified the stat values and attempted to print them out, but it
segfaults.  GDB says it can't access that memory location.  This seems
to coincide with the idea that it does not exist in the pfile.

I added my new stats right underneath the regular ones in structs.h.
I defined GET_XXX(ch) macros for them in utils.h.  I set PFDEFS for all
of them and initialized them to 0 in pfdefaults.h.  In db.c, I set
them equal to the PFDEFS like everything else and included the
appropriate entries in the switch tag statement there which set
the appropriate GET_XXX(ch) = to num , but only if it is different
than the PFDEF.

I added appropriate entries in the file utils(not utils.c).  I have
no idea what i am missing.  IF the answer doesnt' occur to the vets
here off the top of your heads i'll include code, but i thought that
it might be long if i did.  I"m really bashing my head in on this one.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

snaga of PerP

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