Re: Preliminary fix for generic_find

From: Alex (
Date: 11/05/00

> >Why was the Reaper, Scythe and Realm of the Dead room removed?
> I don't know; ask Alex. I only noticed because he forgot to remove a ~ from
> the file. Alex is the guy to ask for most (all?) of lib/ and below.
I had a _large_ number of questions asking me why those super-powered
things were in the game and not accessible by mortals, so I decided to
just make it so that all objects/mobs within the game are (in theory)
accessible by mortals.  The only exception to this rule is Puff, who
isn't really an exception, because when you're link-idle, you get to
hear her chatter. at you.  (=

> >What was the reasoning behind changing the order on a bunch of key words
> >on items?
> Changed for liquid names.
Also tried fixing a few objects to make the first-name descriptive of the
object whenever possible.  It's _more_ than likely that I missed a number
of these too.  (=


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