Re: [CODE] Snippets vs. patches

From: Sammy Should Use His Whole Name Next Time (
Date: 11/08/00

Shane P. Lee writes:

> My feelings:
> Patches are lazy and inconsiderate.

They're also a time-saving tool, for the originator as well as the people
who use the patches.  Would you also have us throw out Makefiles and
configure scripts?

> I could flame individuals, whose patches I have personally been unable
> to implement due to being very old and impossible to hand-patch, but
> that would not be in my nature.

Rather than crusading to abolish the patch, why not suggest improvements or
at the very least be specific about the problems you have so we can help
you and/or improve the patch?

There have been a lot of code contributors of varying degrees of
experience, and there are certainly contributions which are very difficult
to implement.  That said, the patch format is widely used and very
flexible.  Suggest an improvement, like adding more lines of context!

> I feel that every contribution is very
> important, however I feel that snippets are more valuable to the
> average
> coder than patches, especially as circlemud developes in the future.

I've never implemented circle patches or snippets other than my own, and in
those cases I much prefer patches.  I can say however that if linux/bsd
kernel changes were available in snippets, I wouldn't even consider using


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