[sys-win][1st post, yay!]DG-Script problem, driving me nuts

From: Mechanical Animal (acydtryp@mail.com)
Date: 11/09/00

Shit I'm sorry if I sent this twice.. haha

Kay so like.. hey everyone, it's real cool ya'll help everyone out here.. I aint exactly a newbie coder, but I aint that good either.. (to all newbies: I learned by RTFM!.. hint hint.. and messing around with Circle for a good 8mths) .. anyways, continuing on with my problem.

  For some reason, Triggers always target the last person who logged on.. or the most recent person is what I mean.  Say Joe logs on, Joe the Dwarf.  Then Bob the Gnome logs on.  Joe trips a greet trigger, the greet trigger says: 'Hi there, Bob' .. It's driving me fucking nuts, I don't know what the problem is.. and it's not just with greet trigs.. I made a healer trigger (man that thing is fly heh.. like 3 pages long :p) .. and so forth, it always targets '%actor%' as the most recent person to log on.  Any help, or if anyone has had any experience with this in the past, I'd love some help with this.. Was using pl16, patched to pl17, but the problem has occurred since the beginning (pl16) .. and persists now (with pl17).  Using win98 with cygwin/cygnus.. 'bash' .. etc.  I love that program :p

  Thx again.
  The Mechanical Animal

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