Re: [CODE] Offline Builder

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/09/00

> Hmm... errr.... Oh, wait... What has happenned with the offline building
> program (pdughi?)?

        Yes, I really am still working on it, was made project lead of a
huge piece of ...well... 5 year old crap.

        What once was a mainframe app now exists though 2 company splits,
to a unix-sybase character-mode & windows 3.11 app which now has to be
rewritten, nearly from scratch, so it'll run in windows 2000.

        Not to mention I have to automate the source control system, build
and install with what will be a wide varity of windows based perl/tk
scripts which have to use our unix-based SCCS.  I also get to set up a
bunch of scripts to create and control a developer environment because our
developers have the coping ability of the DoDo bird. Oh well.

        My internal goal is actually to have it by christmas, though I may
put out a pre-release sort of thing for the impatient (ie, ugly code, no

        Specifically, I'm rewriting parts to use fstreams instead of FILE
pointer, and while I have the room bit done, I wanted to add the other
editors, and add some ease of use features (like access to mob/item lists
in zedit in dropdown lists - where applicable).


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