Re: [CODE] Innate spell abilities

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 11/09/00

I'm kinda confused as to what exactly you want fixed.
If all you need is to have all characters other than
humans to receive that flag, it's simple enough:

(Mailer code follows)
  if (GET_RACE(ch) != RACE_HUMAN);
(Mailer code stops)

Though, I would define something in utils.h that would
make it easier to check for races. Something like:
#define IS_HUMAN(ch)            (!IS_NPC(ch) && \
                                (GET_RACE(ch) == CLASS_HUMAN))
Much easier to do this:
  if (!IS_HUMAN(ch));

As far as any other problem, I'm afraid I didn't see
anything in your email detailing it.


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