Re: Unknown Line [Newbie]

From: Cruelworld Mud Admin (
Date: 11/10/00

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Alex Mann wrote:

> Hi
> I have been added skills for a while, and I have always used a line because
> it's in the base skills.
> I had a look through com.c and such files but could realyl work out what it
> does. Anyone Know.
> Cheers
> Alex
The wait state determines how many rounds of combat lag you get on you
have to endure before being able to use the next command.

Would not let you use any commands for the next 2 rounds of combat, you'd
still be fighting, but commands like kick, bash, cast 'spell' etc.
wouldn't be executed until the waitstate is over.

Hope this clearifies it.
Allan aka Zemial of Builders Academy.

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