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From: Dana and Todd Luther (
Date: 11/10/00

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From: Andre Cameron <AndreC@PVG.COM>

>I am trying to add a reroll stats code to my mud, I got the right info in
>structs.h and class.c and db.c they compile with no errors but my
>interpreter.c wont compile it says
>interpreter.c: in function 'nany':
>interpreter.c:1571: duplicate case value  <----------
>interpreter.c:1542: this is the first entry for that value <--------

Those two lines are your real keys. It's saying that you have the same case
listed twice in your switch. It's also telling you that it found the first
instance at line 1542 and the second instance at line 1571. Take a look at
those two lines. One of them needs to go or become something else.


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