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Date: 11/10/00

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>Someone who has made the saving_throws into some sort of formula? instead
>of having it as fixed arrays, having it some sort of "Level Vs. Level
>multiplied by type_modifer" .. any suggestions? (I stink at math :)
I have converted saving throws on my mud to a very simple formula. Since
they are on a scale of 1 to 100 with lower scores being better, I use:


saving throw = 91 - level;

Then each class has one save category where they get a bonus -15%
modifier. For warriors its paralyzation,  for wizards its magic, for priests
its fear. (I have changed the saving throw categories as well.)

This gives a first level character saves of 90% in all categories, except
their special one which is 75% and their saves will drop 1% each level.
This progression may seem a little slow, but it makes an item with -5% to
your save vs fire worth keeping.

Some of my races also get bonues to certain save categories. I can post
the code for my saving throws if anyone is interested.

Russ Brown
Walker, Implementor of Mosaic

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