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From: Mechanical Animal (
Date: 11/11/00

Only mount should lose movement points, but then
you gotta start adding shit for mob_moves and stuff..
It aint that hard but.. I can't wait for you release
or.. 'update' of dan k's mount.

I got mount working but.. I noticed there are bugs with
the act() messages.  Namely.. bleh, forget it.

See ya.

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From: Craig Cooney <perfect_circle@ANGELFIRE.COM>
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Subject: [CIRCLE] Mounts2

  Ok, I'm going to be releasing an bpl17 update of Daniel Koepke's mounts patch.  It will also include
Wintermute snippets that make mounted targets !bash,
prevent taming while fighting, and give enhanced damage and ac bonuses to someone who is fighting while mounted.  I'll also be throwing in some of my own modifications, like preventing sleeping, resting, etc while mounted; and getting rid of the mount skill(an entire skill to determine if someone can put his ass in a saddle without falling off?) in favor of using the Riding skill to do its job as well, maybe one or two other small things.
   Now what I want to know which of these you think should be supported:
1. Mount only loses mv
2. Mount and Rider lose mv equally(this seems
unrealistic to me but *shrug*)
3. Mount and Rider both lose mv, but there are TRAVEL room sectors that suck up huge amounts of mv if not mounted.

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