Skills / Spells / Random Genders

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 11/12/00

        In the idea of how I wish to do skills and spells, it has come to my
attention the original idea of adding in the spell number of the
required skill/spell into the fray for spell info won't work, seems I
have decided that certain spells should require two others, and on
extreme rare occasion, three others.

        My thought is this.  When a player learns the "spider climb" spell to
90% (currently max taught is 65%), they will gain the knowledge or
insight about "web" (set to 1%), realizing that to web someone all they
would have to do is to form more of the silken film, and project it at
their opponent.

        Ideas or suggestions about alternative methods, or ideal methods of
making such a thing work would be appreciated.  I believe this is
something that some other MUD system already does, though I'm lost as to
which.  So many changes to make... sighs...

        Recently, one of my builders requested adding in random genders.
Should be easy enough, but since it was fresh on my mind, I figured I'd
bring it up.  It would seem it would add a lot of flavor to a builders
areas, in example, only needing to make one mob for their towns
citizens, and when loading them up, it would chose male or female. :)
Ideas that some might have overlooked, or newer realm admin might not
have considered.  Scattered thoughts sometimes lead to better plans.


 Lord Kyu 

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