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From: Robert Gambino (lordmango@earthlink.net)
Date: 11/13/00

    I was just watching The Matrix for the umpteenth time, and it came upon me that it would make for an interesting MUD, if done properly. I was thinking that there wouldn't be any Races of course, and probably not any classes.. perhaps Born-in-matrix and Born-out-of-Matrix..
    I'm thinking of the possibility of a programming skill that would allow access to an OLC that would allow for the creation of "programs" aka small worlds. Perhaps an access to OLC for the "matrix" once someone has reached high enough levels. It could be interesting to have PC 'agents'.
    If anyone would like to discuss this idea or contribute, just click that "respond" button. Oh, and I'm trusting enough that I beleive noone is going to go and steal my concept.. if it is my concept to begin with.

~The Lord of Mangos

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