Re: [RP] The Matrix / Shadowrun / Hitlists

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 11/14/00

Robert Gambino wrote:
>     I'm thinking of the possibility of a programming skill that
> would allow access to an OLC that would allow for the creation of
> "programs" aka small worlds. Perhaps an access to OLC for the
> "matrix" once someone has reached high enough levels. It could be
> interesting to have PC 'agents'.

   Not that this has anything to do with your idea about The Matrix
movie, but it reminded me of a few years back when I was playing around
on a Shadowrun (FASA Inc.) based realm, that upon using their Cyberdeck
and Decking skill, would drop you into a shell (outside the realm?) and
allow you to mimic your character jacking-in to the Matrix.

   The thought of dropping to a shell might be a little hard to code,
risky depending on how your server is setup, and maybe other issues, but
it certainly peaked interest.  And the thought of using something like
this for other things, especially technology enhanced realms, is very
appealing to the player. :)

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   I wasn't at all impressed with The Matrix movie.  Maybe it was
because I had already seen Jonny Mneumonic (sic), and was a hard-core
Shadowrun player.  To me, the movie was a modern version of a previous

[End Off-Topic]

   Awhile back there was talk about changing memory and wimpy flags to
do something to the effect of a hit list.  The topic seem to have been
dropped when running into the death of player issue.  I got to thinking,
why not save a new area to mobs and players, which saves the identity of
the character to the mobs, and the mobs identify to the player?  I now
I'm not working it right, it's 4am.  Anyhow, by trading data between the
two for checks, you should be all set in forgetting right before the
player dies.


 Lord Kyu 

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