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From: Snaga (
Date: 11/14/00

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> >or four i've been with, Wolvesden is the best.  services start at
> >around five dollars.
> >snaga
> Is there a web addy to check him out?

OBCIRCLE> If anyone is interested, i've rejected the idea of
using rolemaster in my mud.  I decided the effort would outweigh
the benefits.  I am souping up my code though, but i'm going to
use third edition d and d rules.  I figure i can at least work
with what's there instead of annihilating it.  For those of
you familliar with all three d and d's, i think this might be
the best one (certainly better than 2nd edition) and worth
checking out for anyone who develops d and d type games.

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