Re: The night all the muds were down

From: Daniel Blackburn (
Date: 11/14/00

    Ah, yes.  The night all the muds were down.  Truly, not many people know
of this night.  Maybe it's for the better.
    The night the muds were down, was in fact not a night at all, but it
lasted most of the day.  First 25 or so muds crashed at around 2 in the
afternoon.  A few people were shaken, but players were a hardy bunch who
quickly changed to their alternate muds.  Then, like wildfire the servers
went.  2, 4, 8, 16, and so on.  In nary 2 hours time practicaly all the muds
were down.
    At that point everyone was on ICQ, talking to their mud friends.
Wondering what in Sam-blazes they were going to do.  To make a long story
short, there were way too many people on and ICQ crapped out.  I mean it just
went down.  Too much traffic.  People retreated to their AIM accounts.  They
knew they wouldn't have much time before their lousy AOL would go down, so
they worked fast.
    On AOL they rounded up the last few muds and they got their imms into a
huddle.  They knew they were up against incredulous odds.  After around 15
minutes of complete wasted time, one of them stepped forward as a leader to
the other lesser imms.  He had a strong server and code that was unparalled.
He got the imms, who got their players all onto his mud where the final fight
of the realms would be held.  And come it soon did.

    It took a half hour for the rest of the muds to fall to the still unknown
Evil that was lurking about.  Everyone on this mud was running around
scavenging for levels in the newbie zones, each hoping to be able to hold his
own against the Great Evil that would be coming.  The higher players were
doing as many runs as they could to up their own equipment, and then
auctioning off their old stuff to the lower players.  Before long the entire
mud's mob population was gone and everyone was just bumming around in center
waiting for it all to repop.
    Pow!  Out of nowhere came Great Evil known to any mudder.  The lag
monster was now attacking the last realm left in the mudding world!  Everyone
was in a panic.  They were expecting Knights, Monks, and Warriors of Death,
but certainly not Lag!  The equipment that was worked so hard for did nothing
for them.  The strongest fell as fast as the weakest!
    People paniced.  Families were torn apart.  It was not a pretty sight to
behold, believe you-me.  Even the imms were being taken down like a drunk
prostitute.  There was nothing anyone could do.  Or was there?
    Out of the frag came a small warrior.  He was equiped in stuff that had
standard written all over it.  Literaly.  He wasn't bright.  He used the
query channel like most people use tells/says/ooc ANDroleplay.  But he had
one thing the others didn't.  A T-1 connection.
    Using his unbeatable speed, he managed to overcome the great evil that
was lag, which was actualy only a newbie mob from the stock zone 'the
chessboard'.  Amd when he was finished, there was much rejoicing.  The head
imm loaded all the food a man from an 8-year famine could eat, and life was
great.  At the end, he threw a ball and invited everyone in all the realms to
    And that night that everyone danced.  First to slow dances and waltzes.
But soon the commonfolk got sick of that and they started to play hip-hop.
And everyone got down and funky.  And thus, 'The Night all the Muds were Down'

Date:    Tue, 14 Nov 2000 05:17:44 -0700
From:    Eric <>
Subject: NEWBIE:

I''ve heard a lot of reference to "the night all the muds were down" and =
I would be really happy if someone would please shed some light on that. =
 I have no idea what happened and would really like to know.

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