Re: Mounts2

From: George Greer (
Date: 11/16/00

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Craig Cooney wrote:

>My friend's server is moving to a different office and I've been without
>a site to develop on for about 4 days, and it could still be another
>week.  Anyone want to donate a temporary *nix shell account that i could

This is not an appropriate question.  There is a difference between "what
is a good hosting provider" and "can I use someone's shell account?"  The
critical point being scope.

That said, I'll give general advice and recommend you install Linux (or
some other Unix variant) on your computer.  The following distributions
will run without needing to remove Windows:

And of course, Cygnus (now Red Hat) Cygwin32 environment:

You could also try Borland's free edition compiler:

We (CircleMUD people) do not support them.  If it breaks and you manage to
fix it, you can tell us and we'll probably fix it.  If you don't know why
it broke, neither do we so don't bother asking.

Now pray the Furry Gestapo doesn't get you for that post.

George Greer

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