From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 11/17/00

> hi, i'm running circle30bpl17. i'm having
>  a problem. i autorun the mud, but when i connect it all i get is
> "Connected to". then it doesn't give a log in >>
> prompt or anything. the syslog doesn't complain of anything and i've
> tried manually running the mud from bin/circle. i've also tried setting
> the name_server is sow variable to yes, thinking that it had something
> to do with the dns, but my theory was incorrect. this problem started
> happening after i had run the mud for about 12 hours. i had autorun the
> mud the night before and it worked fine, but when i awoke in the morning
> and tried it again the peculiar problem surfaced. I'd appreciate any
> advive,comments, or simply scoffs at my stupidity. Thanks!

        Wrap your lines next time.

        Betterbox is a mud hosting system.  You want to make sure that
someone else isn't already using the default port (or that you've changed
the default port to something else).  If you're using port 4K, I'd almost
bet that someone else is competing with you for time.

        This is not the only potential problem.

        I'm assuming you made changes to your code already, added some
patches maybe (Make sure to tell us all relevant information next time).
If your mud gets caught in a loop, people connecting will see nothing but
the connection prompt like you listed above.  Your syslog won't spew out
anything unless you actually have a log in the loop.

        Depending, circle may simply realize it's locked up, and crash
itself.  Or you may eventually hit a resource limit. What you should try
doing is running the mud through gdb (or attach gdb to a running process)
and replicate that problem.  Then break into the code and figure out what
part is looping, and fix it :)


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