From: Shane Lee (tacodog21@yahoo.com)
Date: 11/19/00

Okay, I hate to do this, but after searching the archives, I wasn't
able to find an answer to my current problem.
Antiquated Linux (not even the sysadmin knows the version :P)
Circlemud 3.0 bpl17.
ASCII pfiles.
OasisOLC 2.0-pre12 (with Aedit, Hedit and Mercury).

After adding the xapobjects patch (2.2) to the MUD, I started having
all kinds of problems with my objects saving correctly.
First, if you have any objects during a reboot, everything works
great, no problemo. However, when a player quits, the objects just
disappear. They don't drop on the floor or anything. I haven't tried
looking in room -1 yet, but I'm sure they are there (*snicker*).
Oh yeah, I have copyover too. That really creates a problem with the
rent files. See, I can't seem to add the "-x" option to the copyover
function, without her crashing and killing autorun.pl.
But, when the game is running, even if I do a copyover, the xapobjects
seem to be turned on right.
Anyways, I looked at the plrobjs folder, and the new rentfiles were
there, they just aren't being loaded in right.
Even when I use the toggle switch to turn off xapobjs, the objects STILL
disappear when the player quits.
I don't have rent turned on, and I believe the readme file for xapobjs
said it was tested without rent, but not with rent.
Anyways, if someone out there has ran across this problem, or knows of
a fix, please let me know, the natives are getting a wee bit restless
over here...


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