Re: [CODE] ASCII Player File

From: Peter Ajamian (peter@PAJAMIAN.DHS.ORG)
Date: 11/20/00

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000 11:44:06 -0600, Brian Hartvigsen <>

>Okay I finally finished getting ASCII Player Files in the way I want them
>except for 1 problem, if I start the MUD and login for the first time
>everything goes fine. Saves the player, adds to the player index, ect.
>Log out okay, no crash, saves fine everthing is cool.
>Log in for the second time and whamo!  It thinks I'm trying to create a
>new character even though it's the same name.  I check out
>build_player_index and it's loading the index fine, it's just seems like
>it's not checking the index to make sure the name is not taken..

Find the place where the actual comparision is done and add a line right
above it which logs the two values compared, then look at the result.

Another way is to run the MUD inside GDB.  Set a breakpoint at the function
that does the comparisons and step through while printing or displaying
ceartain values to see what it's not doing right.

Regards, Peter

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