Re: Mud balancing (Was OasisOLC 2.0 and Circleblp15)

From: David Hamlin (
Date: 11/21/00

Well, I don't know about your player-base... But given some of the
buttheads I deal with, I can picture a real spamfest taking place.
Perhaps if there were a way to deal with access to your personal
textfile along the lines of the house guest code this might work
out well.

--DH (The guy who wants change for his 2 cents...)

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These are all the sorts of things that would make an invaluable
tool to the person who was worried about balancing their world out.  I
know someone previously was talking about doing this...did that ever pan
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Well, not exactly. As you well know, balancing will always be a major
issue, no matter how long a MUD has been around. What I was actually
trying to do was take the guess work out for the Builders. Instead of
them breaking out a calculator to determine the hitroll, damroll and
other stats, I just wanted to have them set the MOB's level and class
and then after editing everything else, exit medit and mobroll it.
I've run into a few problems from some old code that I out in a few
weeks ago, and I've been bug hunting since I posted that message.

-New Topic-
Wanted to do it this way so as not to send two different messages.
Question: Has anyone out there actually got xapobjects to work for
them? My code is still reeling from my brief experience with the
xapojects 2.2 I installed a couple of days ago.
I'm not wanting corpses, or unique items to save, I just want mail
to save, and xapobjs seemed to be the way to go. But no matter what I
do, I just can't seem to get it right. I'm tempted to completely re-
write the mail code to editable personal message files.
Here's what I was thinking:
When a character is created, the game creates a text file in their
name. The player can enter a text editor, like through tedit, and use
it like a notebook to jot down notes. If another player wants to leave
someone else a note, they simply type: MAIL <name> and they are granted
write-only access to the target's text file. When the target logs
on, the game notifies them if their text file has been edited.
Other than disk space, I don't see much of a problem with this, the
code itself should be pretty simple, as long as I stick to the tedit
prototype I already have.
Any comments? Or has anyone actually done this before and may be able
to give me a few pointers?


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