[CODE] ASCII Player Files (My way)

From: Brian Hartvigsen (hartvigsen@gci.net)
Date: 11/21/00

Okay I finished my conversion of the *x version of ASCII player files to a
Windows/bpl17 compatible version :)  Took a bit of wailing and nashing of
teeth but hey it worked :)  Honestly I don't see why this code wouldn't
work on every system out there as all I really did was get rid of
everything pretaining to diskio.c and used FILE * instead of the FBFILE *
..  The code is probably not as clean but I think it works fine (from what
I have tested it.) If someone would like to 'clean' my code you have my
permission :)

Oh does anyone know of a patch generation utility for windows that makes
linux .patch files?  Other then the ASCII pfiles & OASIS 2.01 (Me tinks) I
haven't changed this from stock, but I didn't keep track of everythin I
changed either so...  If nothing else I could use the patch engine to
compare them and then write a snippet for hand patching..

Anyway as soon as I figure out some way to do this I will post the code to
the FTP site..  I hope this becomes of use to someone..

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