Re: Pick Lock / And Oasis Bug

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 11/22/00

Josh Smith wrote:
> Anyone got any ideas? For some people it fails over 300 times. No
> exaggeration there either :)

[Pick Lock]

Further down in your code it checks for ok_pick, which looks as such in

int ok_pick(struct char_data *ch, obj_vnum keynum, int pickproof, int
  int percent;

  percent = number(1, 101);

  if (scmd == SCMD_PICK) {
    if (keynum < 0)
      send_to_char("Odd - you can't seem to find a keyhole.\r\n", ch);
    else if (pickproof)
      send_to_char("It resists your attempts to pick it.\r\n", ch);
    else if (percent > GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_PICK_LOCK))
      send_to_char("You failed to pick the lock.\r\n", ch);
      return (1);
    return (0);
  return (1);

   You might wish to make sure it is actually failing, and not being
resisted.  If the door is pickproof, nobody will be able to pick it.
Also, make sure they have the correct skill (ie, SKILL_PICK_LOCK) and it
is practiced well.

[Oasis & Writing]

   Not sure if this is stock, or something I concocted by adding in some
needed code for Oasis, but, what the heck, might as well toss it out
there anyhow. When writing on any board, and then using /a to about a
port, it sends this error, and the post is not aborted.

SYSERR: string_add: Aborting write from unknown origin.

   Was wondering if this was something that was a "stock bug" and how to
go about fixing it.

Kyu pauses a moment to check the archives before sending. :)


 Lord Kyu 

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