[ADMIN][RP]Players create classes/races

From: Dustin E. Miller (miller32@net66.com)
Date: 11/22/00

I've been working on the idea of letting players
create their classes. At the login prompt the pc would
have a choice of a regular 4 classes or the option
to create their own class. Its not really creating a brand
new class, more like customizing one. The idea is sketchty
at the moment but i was thinking of something along
the lines of this. The pc has 20 points. with those
points the pc can choose skill or spell sets, such as powerful
spells, or healing spells, or defensive offensive. Each category
or sets would cost a certain amount of points. Next they would 
choose how their experience is spread. Will they gain levels early
and then levels become more difficult, or will it be more gradual. Each 
set of level advancements would cost a certain amount. perhaps the early
set would cost less than the gradual set. this pattern goes on with which 
stats(str,dex,intel etc.)are more important. the only road block that i see at
the moment is how the guilds would be set up. i was thinking maybe different guilds that train in certain areas like powerful spells, healing spells etc. I dunno
the idea may seem kind of point less, but i thought i'd throw it out there to see
what everyone thinks. see ya.

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