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Date: 11/26/00

>From: "Shane P. Lee" <>
>Reply-To: Circle Discussion List <>
>Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [ERROR] OLC
>Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 12:45:14 -0800
>-----Quoted Message------
>The only command in the editing i am able to use is
>@  to exit
>it just prints the in the room description and this is the error that
>shows in the logs
>Nov 26 04:21:51 :: SYSERR: Reached REDIT_DESC case in parse_redit().
>------End Quote------
>I'll need just a little more info before I can really help you with
>this. First, what version of Oasis is this? I'm going to assume here
>that it is 2.0, but 12 pre-releases (for version 2.0.1?) are also
>available, so if you are using a re-release, please let us know.
>Also, did you patch in OLC by hand, and possibly missed something? If
>you did, try running through the patch again and checking for it.
>I ran across a similar error when patching in hedit, so I have a pretty
>good idea of what's going on here. The problem most likely lies in your
>modify.c file, though I can't say for sure.
>Just make sure you patched in the improved-editor correctly.
>Y'ur Obt. Svt,

I installed in circle then installed in this patch.. I beleve it is only
2.0. Im not sure.. I did not need to use the patch command, it just copyed
it in there.
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