[CODE] abbrev [was interpreter.c]

From: Angus51 (angus51@multimania.com)
Date: 12/01/00

i'm realize that patrick dughi don't understand me
What i want to say is that i couldn't apply abbrev snippet(i don't
remember if it's a bug or a crash) so i find a 'solution'  : remove (or 
comment) the '&& !isalpha(*curname))'  in isname() fuction in 
handler.c(from circle 3.0 bpl17stock) and it works fine(i don't have any 
bug. but it isn't a pretty solution, so i create a new function is_name 
from scratch. it is short, but it works fine ;-) i don't heavily test 
this, so it perhaps has bugs. It is my first snippet in this list, so
don't be aggressibe(i don't have protection-from-good with my paladin
;-))))). Pardon me also for my english :-(((

<snip> (in handler.c, for stock circle 3.0 bpl 17)

int isname(const char *str, const char *namelist)
const char *curname;
for(curname =3D namelist;*curname;curname++)
if (is_abbrev(str,curname))
return (1);
return (0);

i keep the original function as isname_noabbrev to use with function 
which need a 'high security level', like transfer, which transfer gold
from the account of player to another who can not be connected.


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