Re: [Oasis] Min-level removal

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/03/00

        Okay, though you're probably already been booted from the list,
just a gentle reminder to everyone, do not send email in html form.  Even
if the only access you have to email is via a web-interface, the decent
ones all have a toggle which says "Send in plain text".

        Otherwise, I don't believe 'object level' is included in stock
code (or stock + oasis, for that matter).  If you're asking if someone
missed a statement or something, so that it is currently broken, then no -
it just wasn't supposed to be.  As to adding object levels to your game,
you can either peruse the archive or ftp site for code which already does
what you need.

        In general, you'll have to change:

  add obj level member
  add all the checks for level
  (depending on obj save system) pick up obj level for chars
  obj level for obj files
  (depending on obj save system) how to save obj level
  define some new oasis states
  add code for write of new obj files
  add code for obj level prompts & the sort.


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