Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] I can't see whats wrong with this.

From: Geoff Davis (
Date: 12/05/00


> I really can't see whats wrong with this. Every time I try to type link
> Mud crashes and says 'Signal 11' Any help is appreciated

>   int r_mortal_link_room = 11100

It looks here like you're assigning a room vnum to r_mortal_link_room.
I would also reccomend changing the type to room_vnum, although that
has nothing to do with your crash, as that is the type used for room vnums.

>     char_to_room(ch, r_mortal_link_room);

Hmm... Now you're passing the room vnum to char_to_room. The second
argument to this function ought to be a room rnum, not vnum.


Have a look at real_room() in db.c, and grep for real_room in your source
files for ideas. Also check out structs.h, in the types section (search for
room_rnum), as it explains (very) briefly the differences between the
*_rnum and *_vnum types.

Hope this helps.


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