Re: [NEWBIE] DG Scripts

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/06/00

Josh Smith wrote:
> Would anyone be able to point out to me how exactly I could use spec_procs in
> the same function as DG Scripts, or something else. I'm using circle 3.0
> patchlevel 11 which doesn't support DG Scripts.

Spec procs are different than DG Scripts, Spec procs have to be
hard-coded into the source.  If you really want DG scripts then patch
your MUD up to at least PL15 and then install DG Scripts.

if you want an easy way to patch between pl11 and pl17 (or any other pl)
you may find it easier to create your own patch by diffing the two stock
sources then to apply 6 different patches in succession for each pl in

Regards, Peter

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