From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/08/00

Felix wrote:
> Can anyone explain what this means to me?  It is an entry in my
> syslog.  I am no idea what is causing it...any help
> appreciated
> Dec  8 15:34:20 :: SYSERR: Assertion failed at handler.c:583!

It would really help if you showed us handler.c line#583 in context.

Also, you can find out what just about any error message means by
grepping for the text of the message in the source, then look at that
and see what test(s) have to occur to generate the message, for example
(in obvious pseudocode)...

if (!IS_LAMB(ch)) {
  mudlog("SYSERR:  Only sheep should be here!", ... );

Well, then, you'd know that the problem is that the code expects any
player who is allowed to be in that part of the code to be a lamb, and
obvioulsly you have a wolf in sheep's clothing.  ;)

Regards, Peter

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