Re: [Circle] Bpl17 warnings when compiling

From: Alex (
Date: 12/13/00

> I downloaded the circle30bpl17 and compiled it but it came up with 3
> warnings:
The most useful thing is to put the lines that it is complaining about
in your message too.

> Act.wizard.c<2920> Warning C4033: 'perform set' must return a value.
> Act.wizard.c<2990> Warning C4033: 'perform set' must return a value.
Offhand, I don't remember what this one is at all, but... it looks like
the function has a 'return;' where it should have a 'return 1;' or a
'return 0;'.  You'll have to figure that one out for certain.

> Comm.c<1204> Warning C4028: format parameter 1 different from declaration.
This one is a function that is declared with a 'socket_t' in one place and
an 'int' in the other.  Look at the function in question (it should begin
at about line 1204 in comm.c) and change the 'int' to 'socket_t'.


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