Re: [Newbie] Spell Fail

From: Del (
Date: 12/15/00

Lord Kyu wrote:
>    I've gone through the code a half dozen times, looking for a certain
> line in the code, and I've been unable to find it.  It would seem, when
> someone casts a spell (magic missile for example), if the spell does
> cast, but misses, the target of the spell gets a free attack at the
> caster.  I am looking for this line which calls this effect, so I can
> alter it.  I know it's right under my nose, but I've misplaced it
> somewhere.
>    Also a note to those who maintain the world files, room 18640 should
> connect to room 18644 going south, not room 18603.
> --

The actual messages are not in the source code, they are in

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