Re: [Newbie] Spell Fail

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 12/16/00

Thomas Arp wrote:
>     if (SINFO.violent && tch && IS_NPC(tch))
>       hit(tch, ch, TYPE_UNDEFINED);
>   } else { /* cast spell returns 1 on success; subtract mana & set waitstate */
> The lines with 's are the sinners - they make a violent spell cause
> the mob to strike back. Not necessarily a bad thing.

   Not a bad thing at all, but my mages, upon missing a handful of
spells at the target they are fighting, and getting hurt badly for
something they are already penalized with by the loss of an action and
mana.  I was just looking to change it so if the mob doesn't have them
as a prime target, it will hit them, otherwise, they are already in
combat, and don't need to be hit again.

   Thank you, this helped a lot.  Saved me more hours of having the
piece of code right under my nose.  Another Builder note while I'm
sending this. Is room 2529 supposed to be a Death Trap?


 Lord Kyu 

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