OLC and rejoicing

From: RJ Bean (naeis@hotmail.com)
Date: 12/18/00

    I know you're all going to kick me in my dirty 'lil face for cluttering
up the list with this question... *cringe* but anyone know where I can find
an Oasis OLC Snippet?  Sorry to annoy you, i've searched high and low.
    On a random tanget- nothing feels better than when you've been working
on something in the code for like 2 weeks and then suddenly it clicks and
you have it right and everything works wonderfully.  That just plain old
gives me warm binary fuzzies...  I got 6 new full-time builders the other
day... they're all decent too :)  Yeah!

                       Naeis of DaneuranMUD

(sorry I'm annoying)

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