Free_char bug

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 12/26/00

I switched to ASCII pfiles sometime back, and found
an interesting crash bug, which is prolley a result
of my poor coding skills. I have talked to Caniffe
who had a similar problem, which he fixed. However,
his fix wouldn't work for me.
In db.c, function: void free_char(), the game crashes
when freeing the player's name the first time around.
For a quick fix, I commented out the 'free(GET_NAME(ch))'
and it worked for a while. However, the problem
recurred recently with 'free(GET_TITLE(ch))'.
My fix was thus;
At the top of free_char, before the alias check, I
inserted this:
  if (age(ch)->month == 0 & age(ch)->day == 0) {
      log("Initial Character. Bypassing free_char.");
My question is, does anyone see a problem with
bypassing free_char the first time around? I haven't
seen any problems with it so far, but I'd hate to
think this fixed it, only to discover a larger
problem a few months from now.

Oh yeah, if I use copyover, the game doesn't crash with
new players either in the game, or when they quit.
This rings a bell towards a possible sollution, like
having the game re-read the player's pfile before
they quit, or something (I'm not sure).


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