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From: Surgeon (
Date: 12/28/00

See I study the terms, and words and ways you have exclaimed to have
gone about things, but somewhere in the back of my head rings a little
bell, much like those annoying ones in a kindergarden play area.. know
the one? =]  As for the immortal staff going seperate ways because they
could neither communicate on the same level nor meet a compromise is
fine, as long as it was agreed at the time.  Also if a 50/50 effort on
behalf of BOTH the coders at the time was given in making it what it was
at the time of seperation then going individual routes should be no
problem.  Now back to that school bell...

"in my mud i have used most of the unique ideas of theres to make my mud
look like theres as far as the look and feel as i found it was affective
and we all were use to it. i am not recreateing any actual content as in
no mobs items zones maps or anythign like that. just astetic's. i have
none of there code and i put it all togother by hand. "

- Hrmm, k, neat you did it based on memories... by the way how long has
sojourn been down, or perhaps it may not be "sojourn" =] ?

" ok but the bigest problem is that my output looks EXACTLY
 like the output of the old sojourn code colors , formatting,
 commands and all. but i didn't have a single line of there code .. "

- ahh, your memory has not failed you, photographic memory perhaps? =]
*grin*, now to me, this all seems a bit funny.. now I'm a person that
has many theories, I have a couple on the U.S military, y'know, I'm an
all around type of conspiracy dreamer.

But If I had ripped code from a mud, thrown it up on my server, and now
theres 2 muds with the same code... I would pose a question of morality
as to the past, not present, therefor discluding any terms of today, but
merely referring to memory, and how in fact, it turned out not somewhat
similar, not extremely similar, but EXACTLY the same...
Now tell me, for future refer. who's the public to believe in the
future, the person that posted concerned of morality, or the person
that's on the other server.. swearing it's his...

just a little theory, that I found in a fortune cookie.

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