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From: Dana and Todd Luther (
Date: 12/29/00

> that I'm looking for.  I just believe that some kind of detailed scripting
> would be a more sutable replacement for SPECIAL_PROCS...
>           -~= Brian Hartvigsen=~-

I personally don't think that the dgscripts could ever really replace the
SPEC_PROCs.  The SPEC_PROC is just so much more powerful, allowing you to
step in and perform things that are either 1) much more complicated or 2)
impossible with dgscripts.  Yes, you can expand the dgscripts, but there may
be things that you want to do with a SPEC that are powerful and shouldn't be
available to that new builder you just added to your staff. Also, it can
take so many separate scripts to accomplish what could be done with one
SPEC_PROC (ie., respond to differing speech texts, nods, etc) that using the
scripts can become quite frusterating in those instances.  The use of both
dgscripts and well chosen SPEC_PROCs is very effective in my mind,
especially if you allow for more dynamic assignment of the SPECs. (Has the
specset snippet gone up on the ftp site (I haven't seen it so maybe the
author just needs to know its presence there would be useful ;) )? I
recieved a copy from the author a while ago, and it works very well.)
Essentially, an immortal can assign a value to the mob/obj/room using the
specset command (specset m 1204 2  == assign mobile spec # 2 to mob vnum
1204 ) which assigns the spec to the mob/obj/room and saves it to the
mob/obj/room file. When the file is read during boot, if this value is seen
it calls the appropriate ASSIGNMOB/etc function. What is particularly nice
is that it allows both the original assignments in the assign_spec.c file to
be used AND the immortal assigned specs to be used. It also lets you see
what spec if assigned to the mob/obj/room instead of just that one exists.
I could expound further on its benefits, but I think I've gone on long

Dana Luther

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