Re: [MISC] Happy New Year!

From: Brandon (
Date: 12/31/00

>        Ok, everyone will prolly start nagging about this message, but i
>think, that a turn of a century should be important!
>        (Hoping, that you are all !sober, when it comes)

I too wish a happy new year to all and I hope all gets wasted out of thier
minds! (Sorry Had to do it)


Is it possible to use the ncurses library in conjunction with circle mud to
create a more friendly gui?  Or is this ruled out since it act more as a
deamon than a program?  I know VT100 command sets can be used as well and I
have used them  b4 in the pastm, but ncurses would be much more friendly.

Also I was reading up on programs such as readline.  Could something similar
be applied to circle mud.  Such as at each prompt you can edit the command
line similar to bash command line editing.  Or would this require a total
rework of the nanny code.



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