Re: Thaco,constant misses

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/02/01

        > stuff about what thac0 means snipped<

> Okay, So what can I do to solve this problem? Mainly always missing a player
> (pk) of a lower level. I thought about redoing the equation for thaco, or
> maybe changing the rate of thaco, not sure.

        The easiest way depends on your setup.  If you added levels and
didn't remake the thac0 table, you'll have to do that, so it's not based
on 20 - that's a code change.

        If you didn't change the number of levels, then the easiest
solution is simple: lower the differences in stats between levels due to
equipment.  My rule of thumb is that two people with the same level should
hit eachother about 50% of the time - given that they're wearing/wielding
average ac for their level.

        It's near enough that in stock for players of the same class, you
might just be trying something like a level 10 attacking a level 30.  I
don't really know because there was zero specific information included.


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