From: Brandon Allen (
Date: 01/03/01

i may be wrong but here it is.

 when i type my ip address into the form it works just fine
but of i use my domain name and port 6000
it doesnt work with your script it tells me

 Cannot connect to, Connection refused
Unable to register your hostname - correct the above errors.

 when i know it works because i have 10 people on line

 the ip address i am useing for the script is

 who's end is the connection to the mud comming form
is the script executed on your server and your server connects
 to my mud or for some reason is it useing my computer to execute
the code and trying to connect from my ip address.

 i am forced to use an ip address due to the fact that i am
hosting the mud on a seperate machine via nat and dynamic
port forwording. and will only forword to the correct ip and port
on the intranet if it hits the adapter from an outside address

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