nohup problems

From: Lewis, Jason (
Date: 01/03/01

Okay guys I am having problems getting my mud started up I have tried every
form of nohup and ./
I cannot get the mud to startup using these commands. I have searched the
archives and the FAQ and cannot make anything work. I have tried the
following. If this needs to go to another list just let me know.

nohup autorun &
nohup ./autorun &
nohup autorun
nohup . autorun &
autorun &

./autorun & (this one does this)
[1] 52378
$bashprompt> (here I type ps, and it goes to next line)
[1]+            Done                    ./autorun

. autorun &

All the nohups say appending to nohup.out and the rest say no command called
autorun. I am at my end here. Any help would be appreciated.


Jason Lewis

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