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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/03/01

> >         I don't seem to have any luck procuring much information on the
> > STL, and what has to be the most common stl use (lists of lists, etc).
> >
> >                                                         PjD
> I really don't go with STL maps. Just don't like it. I assume you already
> have read The C++ Programming Language, by Bjarne Stroustroup
> [ISBN: 0201889544] (3rd Edition, the second edition didn't come with STL
> information). I have it, but I've never managed to read the STL chapter.

        I do have it, but just not with me right now.  Working off memory
and trial and error, and a bit of internet searches.

> (If you don't find the answer in the books, the guys over
> knows a lot about STL. Is supossed to be a list
> for advanced game developers (lots of big names of the industry hanging
> there) but the most common topic are the STL and C++ structures,
> programming techniques, etc.)
        I'll have to look there.

> I want add some input on your development process. Right now I'm compiling
> a couple of days old version.

        Anything, particularly critisism, is a good thing. :)

        Current bug list includes:

-tab order off
-mob affect 'clear flags' button does not work
-crashes when removing a zone command in zedit on windows nt 4.0 (unknown
-edit menu does not sync with right-click context menus for formattable
 text boxes
-if initial window size is larger than screen, popup scrollbars do not
work correctly (ie, small res screens, 800x600).
-if a room is deleted, the accompanying zone commands should also be
deleted (they are simply inaccessable by the program, and show up if the
program is compiled via the 'debug' project settings as 'zcommands without
a room')
-splash screen 'invisible' window is larger than the bmp size, has
momentary cosmetic issues.
-cosmetic bug on item 0 - the bug & other single<=>multiline tilde issues
-initial directory selection errors if you use the base directory of any
-text is cut off in some of the bitvector selection screens
-a slew of other cosmetic and usablity issues, too numerous to list
(including new item creation defaulting to current zone..item =
room/mob/etc, dir selection, save of prefs, external configuration,etc)

        I'm working on, or have fixed many of these already, and I'm
nearly done with a way to have all constants externally configurable.
After that, a quick fix for the base directory fix, and I'll release v0.3.
Unless you can find something else I need to sneak in there.

        Thank you everyone for the input you've provided so far, it has
been invaluable.


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