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Date: 01/03/01

Patrick Dughi wrote:

>         Oh, in case the last message (or two) weren't 'CircleMUD' related
> enough - it was in a particular way - here's an ObCircle for you:
>        [snip]
>         Maybe I'm slipping off topic a bit.. I suppose I shouldn't rant
> about what I see - everyone's seen this stuff and a million more examples
> I left out.  What I'm curious about is whether you think this is something
> we should pay attention to;  about whether the 12 people who have sent me
> a message like:
> > can u tel me how 2 c0de plz? i'm using hotmail,  jest snd 4 ur 5
> > linez, or my mailbox will ovrflow.  still tying to figrue how 2 dletee
> > old stuffz.
>         ... are actually causing the vast populations of potential players
> to skip my mud, simply because it's the same brand as theirs?

I think people aren't dumb - they realise that there are a lot of
morons out there that can type 'cd src; make' (even if it takes them a few
tries). The majority of the time I 'check out' a MUD, I basically log in, log

out if there are any gods named 'K1ll4H' or some ridiculous number of
races/classes, and after that, as long as anything doesn't truly annoy me,
like it taking 4 hours to get out of the temple, I come away with at least an

OK impression of it. I think I'm hardly unique - most people will get at
further than the opening screen before dismissing it altogether.

>         (yes, that was part of an actual message, saved for posterity, and
> slightly repaginated and words I didn't understand removed.  No, the
> author was apparently english speaking. Just.. uh.. yeah.)

    Hey pal, I'm in high school. You should see the crap I find on school
computers and people's guestbooks. Does it make you an elitist if you
really ARE smarter than 98% of the fools around you?

>         When I put out a patch or snippet, or other, am I actually causing
> people to hate my type of mud more?

    Just put something about 26 lines in that crashes their mud and is
reasonably easy to find if you have any idea what you're doing. Stops 'em
every time :)

-= Fredfish (E.Harper) =-

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