a idea on player creation

From: Brandon Allen (bamud@lanpartypdx.net)
Date: 01/04/01

in my mud the way I have player creation is as follows
it is all stock till after the selection of a race and class
then you are sent into a menu for selecting and 
customizing your stats.
this menu looks as folows

 BAMUD Stat selector
Total Points Left : 30      select the letter of the attribute
                            you wish change.
 S) Strength      : 8       Then enter the new value for it when
 I) Intelligence  : 8       prompted
 W) Wisdom        : 8    
 D) Dexterity     : 8    
 N) Constitution  : 8    
 C) Charisma      : 8    
 Q) Quit                  

then the user spends the points as they chose
they must get the charactor's stats aproved 
before they can get past level 5 or they will stop
gaining EXP.

now ... can you see ( besides the fact that every
charactor has to have hands on to get past level 5)

i was thinking of getting rid of the necessity of having to 
be aproved before level 5 accept that i am  afraid
that someone will make a warrior like this.
Str 18
Int   8
Wis 8    
Dex 18    
Con 18    
Cha   8    
and that is not realistic. maybe if i say that you can only have
a max of 2 stats with 8's assigned to them ... any ideas ?

i am just looking to see if this is a bad idea or if anyone has done
anythign like this and what problems they came up with if there were any

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