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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/04/01

>         Well, I do have it installed, I realize that it does not come
> stock....Second, I have gone through more channels then just the
> building.doc that comes with the stock code. I have searched the archive,
> FAQ, and all pages related to Oasis that can be found by 3 different search
> engines, These pages while informative, tell a person only how to basically
> edit areas, not how to create one. Most of the pages that I assume have the
> correct documentation are either not accessible by me or have gone the way
> of the dinosaur. I did not post here blindly as I have been flamed one to
> many times for that, I posted to the list in hopes someone with a little
> more exp might be able to help me. So I will be a good little "monkey" and
> try to figure this one out on my own.

        If you're talking about "editing whole areas" - as per your
original message, then I don't see the problem.  You claim to have already
been able to do that.  If you're just wanting a single command - how to
generate a new area, just try using "zedit new <zonenumber>".  You should
have just asked "How do I create a new zone in Oasis OLC?"

        Looking through the documentation which actually comes with the
Oasis package (ie, the Oasis.readme file), i see something like this in
part 7 (Using OasisOLC):

Here's how all the commands for the OLC system are used:


zedit                           - edit the zone info for the room you are
                                   standing in
zedit <virtual room num>        - edit the zone info for that room
zedit save <zone>               - save all the zone info for that zone to
zedit new <one>                 - IMPLs only - create a new zone.

        So, next time, look a bit harder, and when you can't find it, be
more specific about your problems so people can actually help.


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