Re: grrrr.... MSVC++

From: Mike Redick (Telos@MAD.SCIENTIST.COM)
Date: 01/04/01

:smirk: Didn't notice Pat Dughi get yelled at for his post on Windows
issues... but point taken, I'll try to be more obvious with my subjects.

On to the actual matter at hand... I compiled it first with whatever the
standard compiler settings are and it didn't work.  Spent most of this
morning messing around with various settings in the linker and compiler...
did you have to set anything special when you compiled it?  Or should I
consider the possibility that my compiler is bugged and perhaps reinstall.
Dunno if I said it but the code also compiles fine as long as it's
non-template code.  Like if I just make everything an Object* it works, but
as soon as I convert it to a template it won't link... is there some option
somwhere I have to use in order to compile templates?  Dunno... just
grasping at straws... :sigh:

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