FTP site and Ceramic Mouse

From: Brandon Allen (bamud@lanpartypdx.net)
Date: 01/04/01

hey george can you remove my first uploads of BAMUD 
as they were incomplete or not workinf for some reason
and just leave the most recent copy

and any chance you can update the FTP site so we can see the 
new additions?

 i am almost ready to do a new release but i gotta 
get a few more features added before it is a viable/useful upload.


ok now to the question ( feel free to slam me if i ask too manny 
questions i have always felt that the only dumb question is the
 one unasked)

i was going to move all the weather text and most of the other 
commen text in the mud out to text files in /lib/text so that it 
can be changed on the fly and reloaded i have seen manny 
things in the mud that i think it would be fun to have
in a text file so that i could throw random stuff into it.

my mud is designed to change... i want to allow mud wide 
changes such as some bad force from the universe of monkey 
spank is trying to take over the planet and there universe is 
murgeing wit this one and the sky is now red and when any 
group of players successfully kills a peticular mob or completes 
a quest the sky will return to normal. simply by redefining the
veriables that are the weather messages.

i am assuming that sence this is so easely done that others
have tryed and succeded/failed. what were your experiances 
while trying to do this and do you have any tips.

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